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Core Courses I

Major Foundation Courses

  1. EDU 521 Theory and Practice of Counseling [3]
  2. This course provides a comprehensive study of the basic theories and methods of counseling and psychotherapy while focusing on the practices in the field of education.

  3. EDU 522 History of Educational Thoughts [3]
  4. This course studies educational philosophy of the East and West, and develops academic competence and educational world view to enable students to analyze the reality and to estimate the future of education.

  5. EDU 526 Psychological Approach to Education [3]
  6. Applying psychological concepts and ideas, such as human development, learning, cognitive and affective behavior formation, to educational settings.

  7. EDU 527 Instructional Design Theory [3]
  8. This course teaches students how to plan a highly effective lesson or a unit of instruction. By the end of the semester, students will have created and evaluated a print-based unit of instruction on a topic of their choice.

  9. EDU 530 Seminar in Sociology of Education [3]
  10. This course offers an opportunity of self-directed, independent research using the concepts and methodological skills of the sociology of education.

  11. EDU 532 Educational Policy [3]
  12. This course provides the concepts and theories of educational policy and investigates the national educational policy issues.

  13. EDU 539 Foundations of Adult Continuing Education [3]
  14. This course provides an overview of adult continuing education in community, school, industry, and government organizations. It is designed to provide a basic knowledge to assist with more specialized studies in further courses. It includes a study of the status of adult education, training, and development; encompasses an overview of the systematic process for planning, delivery, and evaluation of training programs; and explores major problems, trends, and issues associated with the field.

  15. EDU 541 Curriculum Studies [3]
  16. What is the shape of curriculum? This course is designed to inquire into the relationship among official, latent and null curriculum. Following topics are also included: inquiry of disciplinary identity, study fields, major concepts and theories, social influences and ideologies, relation of theory and practice, aims and objectives, process, results and evaluation etc.

  17. EDU 669 Research Issues and Trends in Inclusive Education [3]
  18. This course is aims to understand the theories, importance, problems, curriculum, and instructional strategies of inclusion and to analyze the current issues and trends in inclusive education.