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Introduction to the Department of Education

In April 1960, the Department of Education in the College of Education at Korea University was established as the Department of Educational Psychology under the Faculty of Literature in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The department was separated from the Department of Psychology in 1962, and the current Department of Education was created with the establishment of the College of Education in 1973.

Since the founding, the department has strived to promote ‘improvement in the quality of human life, enhancement in the competence of social organizations, and social development through education’ by encouraging various academic and social efforts in the fields of school and social education. Moreover, based on this educational philosophy, the graduates of the department are actively working in diverse specialized areas in education, such as teaching, education policy and administrative agencies, research institutes, corporations, and media.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Department of Education are cultivating the ability to scientifically understand humans as the subject of education and giving opportunities to learn and experience pedagogic theories and practices to foster following professionals:

  1. 1.Competent secondary school teachers and educational administrators that are equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for teaching to contribute to the education of the nation.
  2. 2.Professionals who can carry out social education and educational training for businesses, where the demand is increasing due to the growing importance of lifelong education.
  3. 3.Scholars of education with competence and talent of educational professionals who can scientifically explain educational phenomena and resolve problems that arise in educational settings and professional domains.

To accomplish these educational objectives, all areas of education will be provided and learned extensively. Moreover, the curricula will adopt to the changes in the educational demands of the society and be organized and managed with flexibility to maintain our emphasis on cultivating competent students.

Careers after Graduation

The graduates of the Department of Education take diverse career paths. The majority of graduates are employed in companies. When employed in a general enterprise, most work in the personnel departments or education departments. Some work in educational consulting companies that specialize in human resource development. Many graduates also advance into teaching professions. When graduating from the Department of Education, students are issued a level two teaching license for education. If students from the department desire a teaching profession, they can choose another department that issues a teaching license as their double major and obtain an additional teaching license for the relevant subject. For example, if a student wants to be an English teacher, she or he can choose the Department of English Education as their double major to obtain a teaching license for English. Then, they can take the teacher qualification exam administered by the state or by private schools. Moreover, there are graduates who prepare for the education administration or public official education examination to become an educational administrator. Also, there are some who enter graduate school to study further.


teacher, educational administrator corporate HR personnel, business professor, researcher, study abroad media (producer, reporter, newscaster, etc.) etc.
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