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Welcome to the Korea University Department of Education

Since its establishment in 1960, the Department of Education at Korea University has continued to develop and grow for almost 60 years. During 2009~2013, KU Department of Education was exclusively selected among all education departments in the country to participate in the World Class University project sponsored by the Ministry of Education. In 2013, it was recognized as the top-ranked department in the JoongAng Ilbo’s National Assessment of Department of Education. The department has also been consistently selected for BK21 and BK21Plus, which are projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education to foster the next generation of top scholars, since 2006. Being part of such projects has provided stable support for our graduate students.

As of 2015, there are 200 undergraduate students and 150 graduate students enrolled in school, and about 2,300 graduates that are practicing the mind of changing the nation through education, with the values of liberty, justice, and truth, in the world of education, academics, public service, politics, finance, and journalism. In alignment with the educational objectives of Korea University that states “teaching and researching academic theories and their application as well as fostering the individuals needed for the development of the nation and human society, based on the principle of democratic education,” the Department of Education will constantly work towards fostering future leaders equipped with sincerity, expert knowledge of education, and ability to actively solve problems in the communities to which they belong. We will try our best to serve as the foundation for Korean education and for the advancement in the field of education. Thank you.

Education Department Chair, Korea University